Pharmacy Service

TPC Pharmacy Team is proud to host a PCN Pharmacy Service, on behalf of 5 Bradford PCNs to date. Our team of Pharmacists and Pharmacy Technicians is led by our Pharmacy Service Manager, Kareem Uddin. They all work with our Lead Pharmacist, Eleanor Barnes, and a GP Clinical Lead, Dr Alicia Haddad, to deliver pharmacy services which are then paid for by the PCNs from their ARRS funding.

The service we offer is 52 weeks per year, Monday to Friday, with all employment, training, compliance etc managed by TPC, with a core team allocated to each PCN for continuity wherever possible. PCNs can rest assured that the Pharmacy Hub is working for their practice at all times agreed, regardless of annual leave, sickness, training etc as this is all covered by our trained professionals.

In line with the TPC ethos of training and the hosting of the West Yorkshire Primary Care Workforce & Training Hub, we have many newer members of the team that our more experienced clinicians mentor and train to get them up and running in the service. We also support them through their CPPE training, ensuring they are the correct level to work as PCN ARRS-funded members of the team.

We are working closely with The University of Bradford to offer placements and are delighted to have been welcoming under-graduates and Foundation Year pharmacists into our Hub for development sessions and placements with our team from October 2021 onwards on a regular basis.

We are constantly growing, so if you are a Pharmacist or a Pharmacy Technician looking for a new role, please get in touch.

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